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Machine wash warm with like colors.

From the lebowskifest newsletter:

October is National Lebowski Awareness Month. You can celebrate by grooming your marmot and observing the following important dates:

October 12th - Lebowski Fest Turns 3 Years Old!

It was three years ago that the Baptist-run bowling alley was rented out in the seediest part of Louisville, Kentucky and welcomed the "1st Annual Big Lebowski What-Have-You Fest" or "Lebowski Fest" if you're into the whole brevity thing. We highly recommend the video tour of our humble beginnings at the Fellowship Lanes. Who knew there were so many Achievers out there?

October 18th - Special Edition DVD Released

At long last, the Special Edition DVD is being released. It will be available in widescreen format or as the Achiever Gift Set complete with bowling ball shammy, postcards with photos by Jeff Bridges, coasters and what-have-you. We will be giving away tons of DVDs including the gift set both nights in New York. All 20 costume finalists will be given a DVD at the main event so get those costumes ready!

October 21st and 22nd - Lebowski Fest New York!

Our second bite of the Big Apple is shaping up to be ridiculously delicious. The Opening Ceremonies at The Knitting Factory will feature New York's own Metal Air Supply tribute band - Hair Supply, returning champion super-group Bling Kong and Corn Mo with the Corn Mo Band! This will be followed by a midnight screening of the movie and DVD giveaways with Jeff "The Dude" Dowd. The other two floors will be rocked by Herbal Nation, Less, Bebek, Harris and Tied For Last. Hopefully we'll have some surpri! se visit ors like before. Doors are at 8 pm. Check out the full schedule here. The main event will be at the double-decker Cozy Bowl and all contest winners will get a copy of the Achiever Gift Set!

Tickets are still available. Get your tickets here!

Thank you for observing National Lebowski Awareness Month.

-Will & Scott
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