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"Yes and proud we are of all of them."

So I joined a few days ago just haven't said anything yet. However last night at work a co-worker and I were quoting the movie nearly all night long. Between -Shut the fuck up Donnie your out of your element- to the whole spiel about shoving guns up asses and pullings triggers until they go click and whatnot it was an interesting night to say the least.

Not to mention that The Eagles came on the overhead system and my coworker truely does fucking hate them. *Smirks.* Good times good times.

So that was it really. Just sitting here watching the movie and remarveling that Flea is in it. I always forget that and about every fifth viewing I tend to go -Oh shit! It's Flea.- Oh that and drooling over Steve. Mmmm Steve. *Purrrs.*

Well I'll stop rambling now. Just yup...I'm here. And that's about it.
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